This type of visit visa is given to foreigners to stay in Indonesia for a maximum of 60 days in the context of:
a. tourism, 
b. family, 
c. social, 
d. arts and culture purposes, 
e. government duties, 
f. non-commercial sports, 
g. comparative studies or courses/training, 
h. guidance/counseling and training in in the context of improving the quality and design of industrial products as well as foreign marketing cooperation for Indonesia, 
i. carrying out emergency and urgent work, 
j. journalism that has received permission from the competent authority, 
k. making non-commercial films and has received permission from the competent authority, 
l. conducting business talks , 
m. making purchases of goods, 
n. giving lectures or attending seminars, 
o. participating in international exhibitions, 
p. attending meetings held with the head office or representatives in Indonesia,
q. conducting audits, 
r. production quality control or inspections at company branches in Indonesia, 
s. prospective foreign workers in testing their abilities in work, 
t. go on travel to other countries; and 
u. join the means of transportation in the territory of Indonesia.