The Batavia Hotel Jakarta was born out of the dream to create a hotel property that would complement and support the historical identity of Kotatua. To be uniquely as Indonesian Four Star Hotel which has strong character of Dutch architecture this property will lead and guide the visitors to feel the fabulous Kotatua heritage. Classic and traditional are connected as the key aspect of luxury stay at The Batavia Hotel.

The Batavia Hotel name was coming from one of the Jakarta old name . The first name of Jakarta is Sunda Kelapa as the oldest part of Jakarta. After war 1527 and won by the Prince Fatahillah the Sunda Kelapa renamed as Jayakarta. In 1610 lots of European traders especially from Dutch coming to Jayakarta for doing the spices trading. The Dutch given permission to build a godown at Jayakarta. In order to take over the Jayakarta the Dutch defeat Sundanese forces and conquer Jayakarta and renamed as Batavia.

From the greatest historical story of Jakarta, The Batavia Hotel concept is a reflection of the Batavia heritage in addressing the needs of business and leisure traveler. “ Experience The Batavian Heritage “ become our tag line to be concern.

The Batavia 4* Superior
Ex. Omni Batavia Deluxe
JL. Kali Besar Barat Residential
Jakarta 14420, Indonesia Residential garden
For info, email:
 Online by YM: Anugerahtt
 Or contact our friendly staff in any one of the following cities:
Jakarta +62 21 95983500  or +62 85282838240
Bekasi +62 81380846446
Medan +62 61 77457652  or +62 85658070373
Tanjungpinang +62 771 443316, +62 771 41158, +62 771 7006489  or +62 81364758011
Bintan +62 821 69015113  or +62 81991724082
For reservation info, email:

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