Perched on the magnificent Pasir Panjang beach, overlooking the majestic South China Sea, Bintan lagoon Resort is a tropical paradise, home to the sun, sea and two spectacular golf courses.

This Indonesian style resorts sprawled over 310 hectares, with a private, golden sand beach that stretches over 1.5 km. What set this iconic respots apart from the rest is a private ferry terminal, landing directly at the resort’s doorstep.

So whether it’s a romantic spa-indulged gate-away, a mid week game of golf, or a company off site set against a remarkable back-drop, Bintan Lagoon Resort is sure to impress.

Bintan Lagoon Resort ***** Deluxe
Deluxe Sea Facing
Forest Suite
Floral Suite
Indraloka Suite
Swargaloka Suite
Cempaka Villa
Bouganville Villa
Angsoka Villa
Jalan Indera Segara Site A12 Bintan Resort Lagoi Bintan Island
For info, email:
 Online by YM: Anugerahtt
 Or contact our friendly staff in any one of the following cities:
Jakarta +62 21 95983500  or +62 85282838240
Bekasi +62 81380846446
Medan +62 61 77457652  or +62 85658070373
Tanjungpinang +62 771 443316, +62 771 41158, +62 771 7006489  or +62 81364758011
Bintan +62 821 69015113  or +62 81991724082
For reservation info, email:

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