Visa Application for Calling-Visa Countries

The countries which are included in this list are North Korea, Somalia, Cameron, Liberia, Mali, Ghana, Niger, Guinea, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and Israel.

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia has no authorization to issue the visas for the above mentioned countries and every visa application from the citizens of those countries is to be forwarded to the Director General of Immigration in Jakarta. This process usually takes 3 – 4 weeks and it is advised that the citizens of those countries to send their application at least a month prior to the departure.

Calling Visa Tariff is US$ 45 per person plus surcharge for telex transmission which can be vary from one embassy to another.

Below is the standard procedure to apply for calling visa:

    • Fill in the visa application form
    • 2 photographs of 4 x 6 cm
    • A copy of Passport
    • A copy of bank statement
    • A copy of itinerary (return ticket)
    • A copy of hotel reservation
    • A recommendation letter from the sponsor in Indonesia
    • A recommendation letter from the workplace
    • An interview at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia

    Visa application form can be obtained at any Indonesian Embassy or Consulate General.

  1. You may also use our service in applying for visa approval directly at the Indonesian Immigration Office in Jakarta. Once the approval granted, we will then send the visa approval slip for you by email to bring to Indonesian embassy in order get your passport chopped with the visa.

Please contact us for more info regarding calling visa requirement and sponsor:

email:, or

phone: +627717003597 or +6282169657229

2 thoughts on “Calling Visa Requirement

  1. Hello I have the following problem. I live in Germany and have a permanent residence permit but a Cameroonian passport. According to the consulate, I need a telex from the immigration office of a sponsor to apply for an evisa. Is it possible to apply for a visa with this telex ? We would like to travel to Bali in July Many greetings Victor

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