Nationals of certain countries intending to visit Indonesia are required to apply visiting visa at the nearest Indonesian embassy prior to their departure. This visa is called called calling visa. The countries included in this group are:

  1. North Korea,
  2. Somalia,
  3. Cameroon,
  4. Liberia,
  5. Mali,
  6. Ghana,
  7. Niger,
  8. Guinea,
  9. Bangladesh,
  10. Pakistan,
  11. Nigeria,
  12. Sri Lanka,
  13. Irak,
  14. Afghanistan,
  15. Zimbabwe, and
  16. Israel

One of the requirements to this is that the applicants must posses a sponsorship from an Indonesian company.

Anugerah Indonesia T&T provide service to foreigner whose country listed in calling visa intending to apply for visiting visa to Indonesia.

For more info please contact us:

For info, email:
 Or contact our friendly staff at the following numbers:
Tanjungpinang +62 771 443316, +62 771 7006489  or +62 81364758011

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