logo-hotel-gedeOne of our main service is to help you travel by providing guaranteed hotel room reservation. Hotel reservation is one of the most taxing problem when you plan to travel. If do it yourself, you will need to make tens of individual phone call or email to each hotel for inquiry of room availability and making reservation. Thats not only time consuming for you but that doesn’t guarantee you will get what you really want. Because each hotel will try to persuade you to stay at their hotel by telling their plus points and hide their weaknesses in relation to your personal need. We in Anugerah Indonesia T&T do believe each of you has different need. By using our service to make room reservation we will advise you independently which hotel that best suit with your travel need and budget.

And do not think that using our service in making hotel reservation, be it for accommodation or meeting room or banquet, will incur additional charges from what the hotel charge you if you make your own reservation or go show, that’s not true.

How is that possible? For your info, We have signed wholesaler contract agreement with hundreds of hotel that are recommendable for you to stay from wide range hotel category including inn type, non star to 5 star hotels. That agreement give us a contractual rate which are discounted from the rate the hotel publish or what the hotel staff will offer if you make your own reservation or go show. Please check list of our recommended hotels in major cities in Indonesia and around the world for you to choose.

sertifikat tids IATA_pptAside from having wholesale contract rate with individual hotel in Indonesia and overseas, since 2012 Anugerah Indonesia T&T has been officially assigned to the IATA Travel Industry Designator Service Code (TIDS Code).

With this assignment you can enjoy our discounted prices given by the reliable travel service industry all over the world who support this IATA program exclusively to the holder of TIDS Code.

So, wherever you plan to travel and need a safe and reliable accommodation, be it small inn in a small county in the state or in an up market hotel in big city of New York, Geneva, London, Moskow, Johannesburg, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Manila or Jakarta, please contact us. Just tell our staff our staff type of accommodation you need and your specific requirements to consider, we will attend to your request immediately.

Call us at:

  • +62 771 443316 (08.00- 17.00 West Indonesia Time, from Monday to Saturday), or
  • +62 813 6421990 or +6285656742811 (24 hours)

Or email us to: reservation@anugerah-indonesia.com

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