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Petrus M. Sitohang, Anugerah Indonesia Group Chairman

This is one of the most frequent question thrown by foreigner who want to do business in Indonesia. With our professional assistance, the answer to above question is certainly “No”.

Indonesia is a big country with big population and huge opportunity. The country is spanned in an area of 1,919,420 km2 from the western most Sabang in Sumatera all the way to eastern most Merauke in Papua island. It’s current population 242,3 million people (World Bank, 2011) making it the 5th most populous country in the world.

The nation enjoys steady growth above 6% for the last 10 year, even when most of European countries suffered depression and slowing down economy few years back.

Some may say that setting up company in Indonesia is costly and difficult causing the opportunity not worth it.

But with our professional assistant you will have a free worry in exploring business opportunity in Indonesia. We can help you in these area of concerns:

1. Providing efficient office space in the prime are with minimum cost for short period (1 month or less);

2. Providing consultancy and service in securing all the necessary license from the authority;

3. Providing most efficient service and cost in traveling around Indonesia.

4. Providing a liaison service to Indonesia officers;

5. Professional event organizer for marketing conference, working meeting, exhibition and product launch.

So if you want to grab the business opportunity in the fast growing Indonesia, let us help you:

Contact our chairman Mr. Petrus M. Sitohang

by email: or by his cell phone: +62 8127068709

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