PT HM Sampoerna, Tbk. Sales Gathering in Tanjungpinang, 16 August 2010

Mr. Viktor Sihotang, Branch Manager of PT HM Sampoerna, Tbk Tanjungpinang Branch Manager posing with the top seller of Sampoerna products who received the award.

Event name: Click SRC (Retailer Dinner Gathering)

Client’s name: PT Sampoerna, Tbk, Tanjungpinang Branch

Venue: Nelayan Seafood Restaurant Tanjungpinang

Date: 16 August 2010

Organized by: PT Anugerah Indonesia T&T

Click SRC a dinner conference held by PT Sampoerna, Tbk for their retailer. This event organized by Anugerah Indonesia T&T
CLICK SRC dinner meeting for PT Sampoerna, Tbk Tanjungpinang branch and it retailers posing together on 16 August 2010

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