Schedule: 12 Jun 2010 20 Jul 2010

Part of the city’s Anniversary celebrations, the Jakarta Fair sees exhibitors from across the country display a whole range of goods and products ranging from special food items to traditional handmade arts and crafts. In addition to the many exhibitors, there is also live entertainment including music, dance and cultural performances.

For shopaholics, Jakarta Fair will not disappoint. Men would enjoy the automotive and sports exhibition. Women can shop for clothes, bags, shoes, and many more. There will be things for children too.

The most unique feature of Jakarta Fair is the cultural exhibition. Traditional dances from across the nation like the Seudati from Aceh, the Serimpi from Java, the Pendet from Bali and the Maengket from Sulawesi are here to entertain you. Souvenirs such as Wayang, traditional paintings and other traditional arts and crafts will also be available for purchase.

To sum up, Jakarta Fair consists of many different elements that work together in a collaboration to strengthen the economic growth of Indonesia.

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