If you are in Indonesia, no matter in which part of this huge archipelago you are, and you need to book your flight from Indonesia to Mahe in Seychelles or to Male in Maldives or Cebu City in The Philippines or any city in the rest of the world.

Or when you are out side of Indonesia and plan to visit Indonesia but you are not sure which travel agent to seek for help arranging your trip and avoid trapped into so many unpleasant surprises.

No need to worry. Just contact us by phone or by email. Let us have your flight schedule, personal particulars as per your passport and contact no, our friendly and experience staff will help making your travel a free hassle and free of unpleasant surprise one.

We will help you:

1. Reserve international and domestic flights;

2. Reserve hotel room you want;

3. Plan your tour package when your are in Indonesia;

4. Car rental;

5. Help in organizing your conference or meeting?

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It is our business to help you travel safely and pleasantly.

Lenni Purba

Managing Director