Anugerah Tour & Travel Tanjungpinang is organizing a concert of neo traditional Batak arts titled “A Night in Lake Toba in Music, Songs, Dances and Poet” in Tanjungpinang on 6 May 2010 and Batam 8 May 2010.

The concert will bring to stage the young and talented Batak traditional musician Hardoni Sitohang and his Neo Traditional Group and the renowned author and poet Idris Pasaribu. Both Hardoni Sitohang and Idris Pasaribu live in Medan.

In front of the local journalist during his visit to Tanjungpinang and Batam recently, Hardoni says they will perform some old Batak songs, music and dances to bring back the richness and the beauty of Batak traditional arts on the stage. He said  that among others, some of the songs his group will perform are those that almost forgotten such us “Unte Manis” and also traditional dance such “Tari Cawan” (bowl dance).

Hardoni is a young talented musician who masters almost all Batak musical instruments such as taganing, sulim, sarune, hasapi, sordam, garantung and others. Not only naturally gifted, Hardoni is also a degree in entnological music from State University of Medan (UNIMED). He was born in Harian Boho Samosir, a beautiful village on the shore of lake Toba North Sumatera. Harian Boho has it’s fame as place of origin of many Batak artists including Hardoni’s very own older brother Martogi Sitohang who is popularly known for his title as the Guru of Batak Sulim. The most famous figure born in Harian Boho is the renowned poet of Lake Toba Sitor Situmorang.

Hardoni’s talent in Batak music was inherited from his father Guntur Sitohang who is a well known Batak traditional musician in Samosir and the sorrounding areas. Not only mastering in playing Batak music, Guntur Sitohang is also known as craftsman of Batak music instruments. Guntur Sitohang has brought him to perform music in many events since 5 years old. Since then Hardoni has perform in most major Batak musical events in his homeland Samosir, in Medan all the way to the capital city of Indonesia Jakarta. Besides that Hardoni has also perform Batak music in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Germany, French and Australia.

This short video clip shows Hardoni Sitohang with taganing (conga) collaborates with his younger brother Martahan Sitohang with sulim (bamboo flute) on the occasion of Martahan’s  graduation ceremony in Medan in January 2010.

Schedules and venues of the show are:


Sport Hall (GOR) Kaca Puri in Tanjungpinang

1st July 2010

19.00 to 21.00



Sport Hall Tumenggung Abdul Jamal

3rd July 2010

19.00 – 21.00

Book your ticket now at one of the following outlets:

Comfort Hotel & Resort
Jln. Adi Sucipto No. 10
Tlp. 0771 41158 and  0771 41234 ext. 119

Ruko Grand California Blok G1 No. 3B Batam Center
Tlp. 0778 7000839 and 0778 462105

Gedung SMECT Center
Ruko Aviari 2 No. 3-7 Batu Aji
Telp. 0778 391181



VIP Rp. 250,000

Class 1 Rp. 150,000

Class 2 Rp. 50,000

Festival Rp. 25,000

NB: Poster and schedule in this post had been revised.