Sriwijaya Air named after one of the greatest kingdom in Indonesian ancient history. During it’s glorious era, the Kingdom ruled most of today South East Asia region from it’s capital in Palembang South Sumatera.

Sriwijaya air was jointly founded by Chandra Lie, Hendri Lie, Andi Halim and  Johannes Bunyamin 28 April 2003. Sriwijaya Air was in operational for the first time 10 November 2003 with aflight from Pangkal Pinang-Palembang-Jambi-Pontianak.

Started with 1 Boeing 737-200, now it’s fleet comprised of  22 airplanes of Boeing 737 seri 200, 300 and 400. The company plan to increase it to a total of 29 planes.

Today Sriwijaya Air flies to 31 cities domestic destination and 2 cities for regional routes.

Sriwijaya Air headquartered in Jakarta Indonesia. Presently tickets can only be purchased by phone or visiting one of their ticketing agents. Online bookings are not yet possible.

For ticket reservation to all destinations in Indonesia  as well as to regional routes to Singapore and Penang please contact:


Comfort Hotel and Resort

Jln. Adi Sucipto No. 10

Tanjungpinang 29123

Tlp. +62 771 41158

Attn. Ms. Lory Innaria or Lenni Purba

or email us at:

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