Rumah_batakVenue:  Medan North Sumatera

Schedule: Monday 27 Juli 2009

Time: 8 pm

Synopsis of the play:

The setting of the story took place in Sisuga-suga village, the border between District Humbang Hasundutan and Central Tapanuli during 7th century. Ompu Guasa family has two daughters namely Siborutumbaga and Siborubuntulon. Unfortunately they do not have a brother and their Mother had died when they were still very young.

During that period, in accordance to Batak customary, women do not have the right to family heritage. Family property will only be inherited to the son of the family. If the family does not have a son, the family heritage will then be given to the son of the brother of the father. But Siborutumbaga was a smart and beautiful girl. She was able to outwit her father’s elder and younger brothers.

Siborutumbaga was removed to the forest by her uncles. In the forest she met a prince and then married the prince with the aim to change the traditional order and she succeeds.

It was since then Batak woman who does not have a brother is entitled to the inheritance of their parents. This proved the fact that since the 7th century, Batak’s women has started their cause for their rights and fight gender based discrimination in the society.

The original manuscript was a verbal literature, but it has been written to a manuscript of traditional Batak theater called Opera Batak. Besides Bahasa Indonesia, the script has also been translated into German.

Idris Pasaribu the director of Theater Anak Negeri  Medan has changed it into the form of a modern theater script, and stage it in a modern theater. This play is supported by Butet Benny Manurung as Siborutumbaga, Jerry Saragih as Siborubuntulon, Embar T Nugroho as Prince assisted by Hardoni Sitohang as assistence of prince who is also become the musicians, Irma Karyono as Ompu Buangga also as a Playground Lighting, Hendrik Peranginangin acts as: 1st male and also as music arrangement and assisted by Winarto Kartupat as 2nd man and also as a musician.

In the play, the Gondang Sabangunan (traditional Batak music) will combined the traditional music with modern music. The Pentatonik and Diatonik sound will produce a very unique sound and raised the impression of beautiful harmony music.

The show equipment weight is estimated of around 150 kg and will be delivered to the West Sumatera for the next performance.

According to Idris Pasaribu the play would be more interesting to public attention in West Sumatera region because their matrilineal lineage system.

(The above story was adopted from http://www.indonesianartsforum.com/)

For more information and tour reservation for this event in Medan please contact:

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