Here are few reasons why you should call a tour & travel agent when planning your holiday:

  1. When you call a tour and travel agent, you can expect to get an objective advice about the best way to plan your holiday or trip: the destination, mode of transport, hotels and the cost. A travel agent is an independent company which will be able to provide you with a wide range and useful information so that you can plan your holiday or travel properly and suit with your budget.
  2. What is the the difference when you call a tour and travel company than calling a hotel or air line company directly? A tour and travel agent company will give you a various selection of hotels or airlines to choose that suit with your budget independently from the hotels or airline companies.  The tour and travel company will allow you to compare the rate and facilities each hotels and airline company available. Calling the hotel or airline company directly will only give you one sided information from the hotel or airline company point of view.
  3. When you reserve hotel room or air ticket, does that mean you will have to pay more than if you made a direct reservation to the hotel or air line company? The answer is not necessarily.  Most of travel agent company have a contract rate with the hotels or the air line company which is lower than the hotels or air line company published rate.

So call your Tour and Travel agent when you are planning your holiday or travelling right now.

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